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Wills & Inheritance Planning

We all know we should make a will, but it’s one of those things that many of us never seem to get round to. In fact, it’s estimated that one in three people die without ever having made one.

But not making a will can mean chaos and financial worry for your family or dependants after you’ve gone. Without one, you can't be sure that your money and property will be passed on according to your wishes.

If you die without a will (called dying intestate), the intestacy rules determine who inherits what. If you need help on how to go about making a will give Toni Chambers a ring today on 07702 059562.


Inheritance tax can cost your family hundreds or thousands of pounds, but it is legally possible to avoid this by planning ahead of time and considering the use of trusts.

However there are several kinds of trust that can be used to help minimise inheritance liability and it is important to make sure you seek specialist - and independent - advice in inheritance planning.


If a member of your family have difficulties and can't make decisions, they will need help managing their finances which is where a LPA comes in. This is a legal document set up when they still have mental capacity giving a trusted friend or family the ability to manage their affairs. Again there are different sorts and specialist advice is always necessary.


Some people may want to set out their wishes for the future if they become terminally ill, or need medical treatment but have lost the mental capacity to make such decisions. This is called a "Living Will."


It is vitally important to store your will where your family or executors are able to find it. If it can't be found, there is no point in writing one! You also don't want to store it where only you can access it - otherwise it can't be retrieved until a probate has been granted (and you need the will to do that)! Wills Northampton can organise this for you safely and securely.

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Why Wills Northampton?

There are a number of different ways to make a will - doing it yourself, a solicitor, a specialist will writer, your bank or building society or an online will writing service

Using a specialist will writer can bring all aspects of your estate together to make sure your money goes where you want it to go - without excessive charges!

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Toni works alongside Countrywide Tax & Trust Corporation Limited who are an established Legal Company with highly qualified staff and are members of STEP (The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners) and offer advice in all aspects of Estate Planning. This means Toni is fully indemnified for all work undertaken and has an extensive back up of knowledge available to tackle any situation.


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